Road Construction


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JJMac is an experienced Roads and Sewer construction company that takes pride in delivering Safe and Quality projects every time on time throughout Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and the Midlands.

JJMac operate as Principle contractor ensuring all relevant NRSWA notices and permits in accordance with Section 278 and Section 50 for drainage connections to the local Highway authorities and stakeholders are in place in order to deliver a successful project.

JJMac can provide the full range of services relating to Section 278 works including:

  • VAC excavation trial holes to locate existing services.
  • Plotting existing services with our GPS instruments and generating a 3d model of the existing services in the area.
  • Early engagement with designers to ensure a robust and comprehensive design that will work
  • Notices and permits from Local Highways Authorities
  • Liaise with Utility companies and co-ordinate any utility connections or moving of mains that may be required Undertake all aspects of the Section 278 works from drainage and excavations to road markings and new signage.