Ground Stabilisation


Advantages of Ground Stabilisation

  • Utilising site won and in-situ materials to form structural sub-base layers.
  • Reduced Excavations and disposal costs associated with foundation works.
  • Reduced imported materials required in construction process.
  • Health and Safety hazard reduction with less vehicle movements to and on site.
  • Environmental benefits through reduced disposal and imported Primary aggregates.
  • Simple and Quick process which Saves Time on Construction Programme over traditional construction process of excavate and fill.

JJMac are experts in Ground Stabilisation using lime, cement and other binder materials. Ground Stabilisation geotechnically enhances waterlogged or weaker soils and allows for greater weight bearing for construction materials. JJMac can provide an exceptionally cost-effective construction method for improving the weight bearing properties of any soil found on site and at a competitive rate.

JJMac have the abilities to deliver  packages that can meet your requirements. Our capabilities are, but not limited to;

  • Waterlogged or Winter Working Platforms
  • Haul Roads Construction
  • Piling Mats
  • Highway Pavement Construction
  • Car Parks

Ground Stabilisation and Soil Improvement

Stabilising and Improving soil with Lime and/or cement is a very cost effective and efficient way of converting weak soils into a usable construction material. This method is widely used in the construction of Permanent works such as

  • Highway Roads and Pavements
  • Car/Lorry Parks
  • Foundations for Floor Slabs
  • Remediation of Contaminated lands

Stabilisation is also widely used in the construction of Temporary works such as

  • Haul Roads
  • Compounds
  • Piling Mats
  • Working platforms

Lime and Cement treated soil effectively increases the Strength (CBR Values), Durability and Compressibility of soils on site.

GPS Controlled Grading and Compaction

Modern Topcon GPS levelling equipment to fitted to Dozer for levelling and trimming formation and completed levels.

Vibro compaction plates delivers high quality compaction to achieve the required compaction based on the design CBR specification.

Design and Engineering

Design Guidance for Road Pavement Foundations allows pavement designers flexibility within Highway Works. (MCHW)

Performance Foundation Designs and Restricted Foundation Designs allow for Capping and Subbase layers to be Designed and Performance tested, giving full consideration of the existing materials on site.

JJMac Ground Stabilisation Geotechnical Partners will carry out a desktop study of the existing site using any existing Ground Investigation information available and undertake Field Testing where required to ensure the most robust and cost-efficient pavement designs are produced.

QA Performance testing is carried out at every step of the process and QA reports produced with all works – Permanent and Temporary.

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