March 2019 JJMac received a call re excavating a tunnel in a quarry. Not a lot more information just can you meet on site.

We attended site and were greeted by some people form a company called Storyworks who were working on a new WW1 movie and that we had to remain silent about the movie and the works

JJMac had to come up with a solution as this tunnel features largely in the movie and it had to go ahead.


We are awarded 4 areas of works at Salisbury. Each area had a unique set of constraints from Archaeological Watching brief to Preservation of organic farmland meadows. We could only traffic one side of the trench to preserve the grass as this featured near the end of the movie where Schofield runs towards the command post.

We excavated some 2.0km of trenches and shifted approx. 10,000m3 of material to stockpiles and returned to site once filming was complete for backfilling.

It was an amazing project to work on and all our personnel thoroughly enjoyed the experience.