Enabling Works, Fenstanton

JJ Mac Case Study

The Challenge

Earthworks and construction of the planned 86 No houses can only commence once the newts are re-homed and settled in their new pond and grazing area. The project very successful and the resettlement programme is going very well with large numbers of newts inhibiting their new pond.

The Solution

The Attenuation Ponds were excavated and formed by our Zaxis 225 and skilled driver Neil. Topsoil was placed on the embankments and levelled to tie in with existing ground. Again all works under watching brief of Archaeologists as the whole site is deemed to be of special Archaeological Interest.

Excavated and Formed by our Zaxis 225 and skilled driver Neil Wreene

Whole site deemed of special Archaelogical interest

The Challenges

Great Crested Newts

A Major challenge within this project was due to Great Crested Newts which inhabited the site. Due to the Newts being a protected species, working areas were restricted. JJMac worked closely with the environmental protection agency to ensure the smooth relocation of the Newts.

Engineering Ponds

Our in-housesite engineer set the ponds out with a Top-Con GT500 Robotic Totalstation. JJMac used strategic planning for plant movement and bunding positions to advoid areas pf preservation. In total 4000m3 of subsoil was taken offsite.


JJMac were able to furfill the requirements of the client and the environmental agency due to strategic planning and optimization of plant movement and materials storage. The Newts were sucessfully rehomed in thier new pond.

New Pond

Top Soil Levelling

  • Progress 100% 100%
  • Resources Used 5% 5%
  • Cost & Budget 95% 95%
  • Health & Safety 100% 100%

The Results

Work progressed well in Fenstanton due to favourable weather conditions. Only 5% of our machinery and workforce were on site completing the earthworks on time and within budget. JJMac actively work with our workforce and provide training to help eliminate accidents and injuries in the workplace and pride ourselves in H&S records.